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Beat The Devil's Tattoo

Written by: PP on 27/03/2010 01:25:43

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club have just released their sixth full length, "Beat The Devil's Tattoo", but yet it's the first record by these guys that I'm checking out, so bear that in mind while reading this review. While there's probably no excuse of not having checked out one of the better selling garage rock bands of the last few years (across the pond, that is), their brand of hillbilly rock'n'roll has never really appealed to a *cough* cultured *cough* European like myself, probably also what the rest of this continent feels like as well given how little attention they've received over here (UK people, you're half Americans, face it).

In any case, "Beat The Devil's Tattoo" sounds exactly like you'd expect a BRMC release to sound like. It's a record that appeals to people who like Harleys and leather jackets, people who carry a long, greasy hair-do with pride, people who live in states like Alabama, Louisiana, Oklaholma etc, people who go to gospel meetings and so forth. To be blunt and offensive: rednecks. However, if you disregard the cultural implications of being a fan of such a style in mainstream hipster Europe, you can't deny that BRMC recreate that wild west, redneck sort of atmosphere incredibly well. Whether it's through slow Americana ballads or the medium pace garage rock psychedelia, the scenery in your mind will amount to infinitely long desert highways, saloons and things like that. And for being able to create such imagery in your mind as easily as it does, "Beat The Devil's Tattoo" must be commended.

So I guess what I'm trying to say is that the record is not bad by any means. Its just a very, very Americanized album that few outside the country, or even those living on the coasts (I'm guessing), will be able to appreciate for what it represents: hillbilly, redneck America, a statement that it's okay to be uneducated, and dedicate your life to motorcycles and whiskey instead of aspiring to be a Wall Street trader or something. However, if you do fall directly into BRMC's target group, you'll probably be rating this a few full grades higher than me.


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For the fans of: Brian Jonestown Massacre, Jesus And Mary Chain, The Vines
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Release date 08.03.2010
Abstract Dragon / Vagrant

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