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Written by: PP on 24/03/2010 13:27:44

Local death metallers CrossFall carry a story with them that sounds unbelievable in a country like Denmark. The band received moderate hype from Danish metal press in 2007 for their demo "Således Forgår Verdens Herlighed", and as a result of the critical acclaim they came in touch with a business man who promised to put out their full length in mid 2008, promising to pay for a professional website, Myspace design, promo photos, artwork, promotional videos, production duties and everything a young and aspiring band could dream of - but they weren't allowed to play any shows without his permission. After recording drum tracks with Kenneth Munch, it turned out the studio hadn't received any payment from the business man. It cost the band 2 months to get the problem resolved, and they resorted to recording in a smaller studio without professional equipment. Obviously at this point the band started getting anxious about getting their money back (that they paid for the production etc) from the business man, but he was nowhere to be found. Long story short, this band has spend an enormous amount of time and energy reclaiming the money through lawyers and the court system, to the point that the band actually broke up. Finally, when the money was recovered, the band decided it was a shame for all the written material to go to waste, and figured they'll go ahead and record some of it for an EP called "Posthumt EP". It's a crazy story, this sort of shit is meant to only happen across the pond. But kudos to the band for still wanting to release something after all that stuff.

So despite all of the above and the rather amateurish-looking artwork that makes me read their name as "CrossFAIL" every single time, you'll be surprised how convincing their youthful expression of death metal is. While there are no stand out tracks as such, the band have created a consistent sound of solid, serpentine death metal with good melodic breakout passages and varied vocals ranging between black metal shrieks and death metal growls. Though the sound is still untight and production lacks by many standards, especially when the band exchanges heavy with melody in the many solos to be found on the record, this stuff is still leaps and bounds better than some of the DIY stuff we occasionally get sent. Nonetheless, "Posthumt EP" is still an early release from a young band that has some serious developing to do in more or less every department (although much of this can be attributed to the production), but it could be much, much worse for a starting band.


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For the fans of: lo-fi death metal
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Release date 09.02.2010

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