Surface And The Sky

Written by: PP on 23/03/2010 01:09:51

If you believe that the New Brunswick, NB music scene consists of entirely seminal punk and emotional hardcore bands, The.Daisy.Anthesis have a brutal surprise for you in the bag called "Surface And The Sky", a rigorous grindcore / technical metal album that has its roots in the death metal scene as opposed to the deathcore one. Why they place random dots between their name, I have no idea, and I can't seem to find it anywhere, but it's also irrelevant as long as bands like The Red Chord and Despised Icon read among your favorites.

Or so I'm told anyway, but I'm not entirely convinced that The.Daisy.Anthesis should be lumped into the same dissonance-mess as at least the latter band. The music is brutal without necessarily falling into the 'br00tal' part of that description; you have a couple of breakdowns here and there, but the music flows according to technical leads, and as such, it has a real structure the vast majority of the time. I guess The Red Chord have that too, but nevermind. The outfit is lead by some seriously throat-piercing screams that have me thinking this guy can't have more than a year left in his pipes. Still, his manic screaming adds a nice chaotic dimension to the band's music, if it didn't have that already, what with the instrumentals that bring to mind a strange ensemble consisting of members from Psyopus and Ephel Duath. Yeah, try imagining that for a moment. Jazz undertones meet dissonant and overwhelmingly technical bits on top of some groovy grindcore passages.

Does that sound like something you'll enjoy? In that case don't hesitate to go to the record store in a week to grab yourself a copy. The.Daisy.Anthesis may be some distance away from the best bands in the genre, but yet their brutal expression is convincing enough for me to recommend it to the fans of this type of music. There's 46 minutes of it on offer, with few, if any, tracks that don't impress on their own, and though the album does begin to sound a little too uniform towards the end, the band's guitarist make damn sure you aren't drifting away with their technical fretwork.


Download: Pretty And Pitied, In The Eyes Of The Prosecutor
For the fans of: Psyopus, Ephel Duath, The Red Chord
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Release date 30.03.2010
Diminished Fifth Records

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