Bleed Like Me

Written by: PP on 16/04/2005 14:51:26

When I got the job to review Garbage's newest full length "Bleed Like Me", I was already geared up for a below-average review. But to my giant surprise, this album is nothing that I expected before listening to it. Yes, it's mainstreamish, but its also surprisingly good! I'm sure most of you readers remember "The World Is Not Enough" and "Push It" by Garbage. Quite frankly, this album is nothing like those two songs. On one hand it contains pop rock/slow rock songs like "Run Baby Run" and "It's All Over But The Crying", but on the other hand it has even slightly punk-ish songs like "Why Do You Love Me". I'm listening to this album with very mixed feelings. There are some songs that will stick to your head instantly with the first listen without sounding boring, such as "Sex Is Not The Enemy", which has a slight Fu Manchu type of garage-bass sound in it. In fact, the album isn't nearly as produced as you would expect from a major label band. Tracks like the latter are, in fact, more underproduced than produced, which gives the album a slight garage-rock feel. My advice is this: Drop all your preconceptions about Garbage and have a listen of this CD. It's actually quite good! Think of Fu Manchu meets Sheryl Crow meets Queens Of The Stone Age meets Hole!


Download: Sex Is Not The Enemy, Bad Boyfriend

For the fans of: Sheryl Crow, Hole

Release date 12.4.2005

Geffen records

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