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Overkill are a criminally underrated and constantly overlooked band by many, including unfortunately, myself. This album has turned all that around and I'm beating myself up for not listening to them before. I decided to pick up a copy of "Ironbound" after reading some great stuff about it, so my expectations were set fairly high. The album blew all my expectations out of the water and by the end, my brow was sweating and blood was dripping a thick crimson from my satisfied ears after the thorough thrashing. "Ironbound" is some of the best executed metal I have heard in a long time, and is on my list as a contender for the best metal album of '10.

Overkill have always been a fairly well known name, with many thrash fans considering them legends (and rightfully so). However, in the larger scope, they have been overshadowed by the thrash titans. This may be due to the others having periods of grotesque commercial releases like Megadeth's "Risk" and half of Metallica's albums, putting those bands temporarily into the mainstream spotlight, while Overkill slaved away as a "true" band in the abyss of the 90's; which may have been hard on them but ultimately kept their music pure. You can definitely hear that these middle-aged metalheads didn't stray far from the tree and the delivery is pure-to-the-bone thrash.

Sonically this album is such a pleasure to listen to. The production is near flawless and is up there with Andy Sneap's records with Exodus. So much in fact, I thought it was Sneap himself who produced it, but found much to my surprise that it was self-produced. The guitars have a lot of old school crunch, the bass is really punchy and has that clangy, metallic sound to bring it forth in the mix, and every single element is clear, while retaining an über heaviness and power. Bobby "Blitz" Ellsworth's vocals are one of the best elements of the album. His whisky and tobacco laden voice, in the same vein as Lemmy, mixed in with classic metal and Judas Priest-esque melodies, makes for an interesting sound which gives Overkill a special dynamic that will satisfy thrash metal and classic rock fans alike. Catchy songs like "Bring Me The Night" and "Give A Little" scream old school and show the listeners that rocking out and having a good time is just as important as a good thrashing in the pit. The guitar work is technical when it has to be, with soaring leads and a lot of focus on songwriting.

"Ironbound" is an album I can highly recommend, and definitely worth a listen for any metal fan. This album marks their first of a multi-album deal with Nuclear Blast and hopefully with the right support from the label, it will put Overkill back on the map. I would be surprised not to see them booked for numerous summer festivals. Check it out! It's bound to rip you a new one!


Download: Ironbound, Bring Me The Night, Killing For A Living
For The Fans Of: Exodus, Testament, Motörhead, Judas Priest
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Release Date 29.01.2010
Nuclear Blast Records

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