Future Echoes EP

Written by: DR on 05/02/2010 18:32:29

Advantage are starting a party in your ears and you're all invited! Coming from a city as dark and as damp as Wolverhampton in the UK yet still somehow managing to conjure up the energy required for a shindig is, by no stretch of the imagination, an easy feat. Advantage make it seem like it is without even breaking proverbial sweat here. Hang on, in my zeal to declare the enjoyment this band bring with them, I appear to have skipped the formalities. They formed almost a year ago to the day, they are six band members. They are beginning to make a splash in the British press already. Blah.

Phew, now where was I? Ah yes, the ease with which the ska-influenced-rock (or "brass rock", as the band call it) is pulled off here is likely to impress you; the style will at least interest you; and the overwhelming urge to dance you will succumb to as soon as that Play button is pressed will endear you. The opener "Future Echoes" is energetic and driving, laced with jazzy horns and drum parts enough to have you tapping your feet and clapping your hands deliriously. That song is their best, and it's no coincidence that it's their most dynamic. "Something to Say" isn't quite as pumped up and raring to go, which hinders it slightly. It's not a chronically bad song, but it suffers from being mid-tempo'd. The first song promised brass rock (damn, now they've got me coining it) in a faster-paced manner, and it's that style that they do best. "The Fear" is a song further towards the ska-end of the spectrum, featuring an unforeseen acoustic bridge that gives the song a whole different edge, and just adds even more evidence to the wealth of the potential this band possess.

The biggest disappointment of "Future Echoes EP" is that it's only three songs long. The transition from unsuspecting listener to wannabe [insert famous ska-name here] is instant, testament to the ability that Advantage have. This band could easily sky-rocket and take over the radiowaves.


Download: Future Echoes, The Fear
For The Fans Of: Reel Big Fish, ska-punk
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Release Date 8.11.2009
Cash For Pigs Records

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