Way To End

Desecrated Internal Journey

Written by: EW on 05/02/2010 15:41:32

Next BM release for whom I have absolutely no prior knowledge. This is Way to End; I don't know how many albums they've done or the length of their existence, nor even their country of origin, but remember I'm choosing to ignore all of this in order to not be biased when listening to "Desecrated Internal Journey".

WtE's approach to black metal is different to the norm and therefore instantly starting on a better footing than some other to-the-rulebook releases I've heard of late. Ignoring the intro (which is itself however an unusually strange hypnotic opener) the band jump straight into a darkened palate of discordant riffing, unusual riff compositions and most unbelievably, a prominent and distinguishable bass section which is completely at odds with the world of black metal - well done Way to End! I can best succinctly describe this style as the madness of Deathspell Omega meets the jazzy mindset of Dillinger Escape Plan meets the atmospheric will of Negură Bunget, as otherwise I know of no other band that combines such influences to make a sound quite like this. To the untrained ear songs like "The Worm" and "Unconscious Evocation Of A Neverending Search" may be the usual BM cacophony of shrieks and noise but underneath this veneer is some carefully constructed axe work, imaginative song structures and production effects, and effective vocal chanting that intimate Way to End are not content to rest squarely on the standard's set by their forebears. The instrumental outro "No Dreams" sums up this attitude perfectly, using acoustic guitars not for the first time in the album to a classically skilled effect, combined with a touch of gentle synth backing and a moment of brief vigour resulting in an old-era Opeth feel.

"A Step Into The Void" acts as the perfect marker for showcasing Way to End's sound in one song, but given that the five songs proper on "Desecrated..." all top 5½ minutes, and with this one closer to seven, a number of listens are needed to comprehend everything that is going on around you. The vocals in this song alone are an unholy mixture of distant incomprehensible gargle, hoarse sore-throat growls and dreamy clear tones, neatly epitomising the slightly madcap nature that the album as a whole most certainly is. Mention too must be made of the production; the guitars carry the baggage of reverb and distortion necessary to the genre but the very noticeable (and welcome) inclusion of a bass guitar and great sounding drums is the perfect canvas for the band to then perform on it a collection of songs that at times seem to bear little relation to black metal while never daring to leave the field altogether.

With every passing listen "Desecrated Internal Journey" is revealing its hidden features and talent to become an all-round decent listen. Realising too that I haven't been blinded by the label's blurb of why this record is undoubtedly unique and a classic in the making (they all say that) and expectations based on locations (I'm going to guess France despite the English-language name) I am confident in saying that this is a record for fans of artistically experimental black metal. Don't bother with the bands that merely imitate; choose one like this that dare to create.

Download: At The Threshold, No Dreams, Unconscious Evocation Of A Neverending Search
For The Fans Of: Experimental sounding black/extreme metal.
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Release date: 25.09.2009
Debemur Morti Productions

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