Vetus Obscurum

Blood Revelations (Demo)

Written by: EW on 05/02/2010 15:41:08

With a cover like that next to this review from black metallers Vetus Obscurum you can be damn well sure that this “Blood Revelations” four-track demo is the typical kind of reverberating shrieking black metal that is likely to be indistinguishable from the hordes that have been peddling this style for close to two decades now. And sure to my thesis, "Blood Revelations" is nothing you won't have heard before if you even occasionally dabble in the black metal art; infact I've had a very quick scan of some of the music I've acquired down the years and by my reckoning I noted strong similarities here to Sanctus Nex, Sargeist, Ad Hominem, Deathspell Omega and Dawn, simply among many others. The production of "Blood Revelations" is the standard affair, though a little more in-your-face than the produce of those named above, with Emperor or Dissection like echoing vocals and a punishingly sharp guitar sound thrown in. In "The Omen From The East" I do at least detect a hint of old Katatonia in the proceedings, but for the most part Vetus Obscurum are residing solely in the quick (but not fast) regions of underground black metal with no keyboards, female vocals or theatrics whatsoever. With every further BM release I hear of this nature the feeling grows that the quintessential dark and unholy atmosphere key to the genre, and the linchpin by which so many 'in the know' define as hard to come by, is far too easy to create. "Blood Revelations" does indeed harbour that haunting, quintessentially dark and unholy feel yet not a hint of originality and artistic experimentation. Should that be the case?

Simply put, you won't find yourself becoming a BM fan if you weren't already by listening to this, and even for those who know something about the genre, the "Blood Revelations" demo will merely become a number, and not a leader, to your collection.


Download: The Omen From The East
For The Fans Of: Underground black metal only.
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Release date: 25.09.2009
Debemur Morti Productions

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