The Funeral March

Written by: PP on 11/05/2006 19:48:16

You can forget about any hints of melody on Gadget's newest album "The Funeral March". Much like the title suggests, the album is filled with sinister lyrics, although understanding the vocalist will be impossible without the lyrics sheet.

The songs grind their way into your head and will leave no long term memory, but that doesn't matter, as the eighteen roughly 1min 30sec songs aren't designed to be memorable by any means. Instead, they will drill through to your brain after half-an hour of listening, equivalent of one start-to-finish listening session of the album. Some may see 30 minutes as short for an 18 track album, but somehow I have the feeling that most people will not want to have the album on their stereo for much longer. After all, it's impossible to remember a single song from the album, considering they are all between the 1 and 2 minute marks, and stylistically resemble each other much more than in any other genre. However, what is easy to remember, is that each and every track is classic grindcore that gives you no mercy. The ongoing chaos is devastating and will scare away anyone not familiar with grindcore riffage, unmelodious thrash and vocals ready to kill you. But although "The Funeral March" has got many of the greater aspects of grindcore in it, it misses out on originality and longevity, making it no more than an average album within their genre. After all, isn't this exactly what Nasum was doing many, many years ago?

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For the fans of: Napalm Death, Nasum
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Release date 08.05.2006
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