Rio Grande Blood

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"And now, a message from the president of the United States, George W Bush: (voice of bush) I have adopted sophisticated terrorist tactics, and I am dangerous, dangerous man, with dangerous, dangerous weapons...I have weapons of mass destruction, I am a brutal dictator" - The first 30 seconds of Ministry's latest album "Rio Grande Blood". For the readers who aren't already familiar with Ministry, well, they are one of the most influential political industrial punk bands around. They're nothing short from living legends already.

The album is filled with killer thrash riffs with a metallic, industrial sound to them fired towards you at 100km/h. Samples of Bush's speeches are placed everywhere, and he's heard saying things like "I want money", "I want crude oil" and much worse statements at all times. Al Jourgensen's gang hardcore shout vocal delivery leaves no one cold, and the thrashing in songs like "Senor Peligro" and "Fear (Is Big Business) is world class. Both the pace and the technicality of riffs is at a appropriate level for a classic Ministry album, and lets not forget the occasional catchy choruses like in the first single "LiesLiesLies" (which by the way calls for a coup against the US government). The blistering solos strike you down with their galvanic feel, and overall, the album has a very machine-like sound.

It is unfortunate that the album suffers from inconsistency. The title track and "Senor Peligro" are just far, far better than "Khyber Pass" and "Fear (Is Big Business)" for instance. Imagine driving on a highway 120km/h, and then you're forced to slow down because of road works. That's basically what happens when you hear the slower tracks like "Gangreen", for instance. Furthermore, some songs are ultra-politically charged, while others almost shine with the absence of politics, creating a rather annoying structure, because every other track you hear bitching about Bush, and the next track there's nothing. However, what definitely IS consistent is that the overall effect each track has can be compared to getting your ass kicked with a sledge hammer.


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Release date 09.05.2006
Thirteenth Planet

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