Barriers And Passages

Written by: PP on 10/05/2006 11:27:37

Last couple of years have seen a sharp increase in experimentalist all-instrumental bands. Pelican and Don Cabarello have been the two most dominant ones in the scene, but lately Dysrhythmia has been pushing through to join the top of the pops for instrumental rock. "Barriers And Passages" is their sophomore album for Relapse records, and their fourth in total if the two self released albums are included.

The album features a well balanced mix of noise, effects, distinct bass lines and odd melody, all presented in a peculiar, experimentalist approach. Hints of The Mars Volta-style telepathic jamming between the band members is omnipresent, where you just keep wondering how the band is able to perfectly fit the instruments together to include that odd bit of melody in the midst of the chaotic riffage.

"Barriers And Passages" will mostly speak to those who can appreciate music as a piece of art, those who are able to note the slight tempo-changes and the odd time-signatures, and yet at the same time see the overall picture that the alternating rough-edge/soft-edge texture the bass-line paints from time to time. You can be captivated by the stagnant soundscapes as in "Seal?Breaker?Void?", or overwhelmed by the musical aggressivity of "Bus:Terminal", and you'll hear everything in between.

I must admit that the all-instrumental bands were never really my cup of tea, so while I can understand how certain types will discover this an exceptionally well layered piece of art, for me the songs just slur together meaninglessly.

Download: Bypass The Solenoid, Bus:Terminal
For the fans of: Don Cabarello, Pelican, The Mars Volta
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Release date 08.05.2006
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