Headhunter D.C.

God's Spreading Cancer

Written by: PP on 24/01/2010 22:54:07

Aside from a slightly unconventional and offensive album title, what else does Headhunter D.C. have to offer to the listener? Well, these Brazilians master the art of old school underground death metal quite well, probably because they've been around forever, more precisely since 1987. So how come we've never heard of them before? Well, when it comes to Brazil and metal, most people will immediately think of the Cavalera brothers, so other acts are often forgotten and left to revel by themselves across the South American continent. Time will tell whether a world wide distribution deal will make "God's Spreading Cancer" a hit in the underground scenes.

Guttural growls and brutal riffs usually don't equal to a friendly sound, but somehow Headhunter D.C. have sneaked a few choruses into my mind, which is miraculous considering how 'evil' their thrashy riffs sound as well. "Stillborn Messiah" and also "Contemption (To The Fire)" are such examples, and should bring to mind bands like Morbid Angel, Possessed, and even Slayer during the high-speed solos scattered across the album. A track like "Abortion Of Souls" shows that the dude behind the drums isn't entirely devoid of talent either, and those groovy, low-note tremolo riffs should sweep the carpet from underneath any underground death metal fan.

Does Headhunter D.C. bring anything new to the genre? Not really, but their strength is that what they do, they do really well. I'm not a huge death metal fan myself, but yet I found it easy to submerge myself into the demoniacal vocals and the sharp riffing, especially when the kick ass solos enter the soundscape. So get this if you like old school DM, for sure.


Download: Stillborn Messiah, Abortion Of Souls
For the fans of: Morbid Angel, Possessed, Slayer
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Release date 19.01.2010
Ibex Moon Records

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