Loss Of A Child

Carry Me Home

Written by: PP on 09/01/2010 22:43:29

I must say I really like the concept behind Lost Children Netlabel. Since 2003, the label has put out 70 albums and EPs strictly in mp3 format under the Creative Commons license, meaning that you can download and spread the music as you wish; the label itself states that they "believe that art should be free to the world". Amen to that. London, UK-based Loss Of A Child's fifth album "Carry Me Home" is their latest release, and like most other bands 'signed' on the label, they too are an instrumental post-rock band.

One way to describe "Carry Me Home" is eerie post-rock, but since that can mean just about anything in the post-rock scene today, I'll much rather refer to the record as the sound of spring, a perfect depiction of a beautiful day, a blue, cloudless sky, where mother nature is just starting to blossom after a winter-long hibernation period. In practice, the instruments are deeply layered and build upon one another to create intricate, complicated soundscapes that take a while to fully appreciate. Classical piano and strings are used to provide atmosphere to the songs, while the guitars mostly traverse the math rock paths, at times providing a busy soundscape and elsewhere content just to paint pictures on the musical landscape.

The record's entirely instrumental, so in the long I have to say that the disc feels like one extensive song. Some variation to the floaty sound would've been welcome, perhaps even vocals in places, although I know inclusion of them is almost sacrilege to most post rock bands out there. To fully appreciate "Carry Me Home", though, one must completely immerse oneself to the music and let it take you to places. Simple background listening, or trying to multi-task while listening to the record won't do. That's my main problem with the record, as in today's busy world... I just don't have the time for that every single time I listen to a record.


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Release date 13.12.2009
Lost Children

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