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Written by: PP on 10/12/2009 17:56:42

A recent promotional package containing a bunch of small-name punk bands came with one release that stood out from the rest: "Deep Search" by Tallahassee, Florida-based Friends Of Friends. Not just because it's musically awesome, but mainly because of the note attached to the record: "Oh...if you review Friends of Friends, you can include the link to download the entire album for free. The band just wants people to hear the music". An attitude like that is applaudable and one that more small bands should embrace because it gives a picture of an honest, hard-working group of people writing music just because it's their passion, not because they're interested in playing arena venues or becoming millionaires with it. On "Deep Search", that attitude also sparkles on the music itself in the form of a genuine, honest sound. So how do they sound like?

Well, take the entire No Idea Records roster (you know, the Gainesville punk sound), most notably Hot Water Music and Against Me!, and add snarly, gruff vocals heavy on the sandpapered drunken sailor routine in the vein of Polar Bear Club, and you're pretty close. The record's full of sharp, melodic guitars with bright melodies but yet the songs are played with plenty of hardcore swagger and explosive rhythms. In many places, one of the band's two vocalists will remind you of an early day Tom Gabel (Against Me!) back when he was still pissed off at the world and before the band exploded as a result of "Reinventing Ax Rose", except his delivery is somewhat rougher. The other dude isn't afraid to indulge in full-on screaming when necessary ("I Am The Catalyst"), but for the most part, the two dudes exchange their vocals at a nicely melodic, albeit still semi-aggressive level. "Enough Was Enough" is a great example of the vocal dynamics this record has to offer.

The first three songs are the highlights of the record together with "The Search For The Perfect Wage", mostly because they are the ones with most melody, yet at the same time they could be classified as 'fist pumping anthems' given the many shout along opportunities. But all of the songs are really good, and like I mentioned earlier, if you're into Against Me!'s earlier stuff and enjoy your dose of Hot Water Music, "Deep Search" has the potential to hit hard over the long term.


Download: The Search For The Perfect Wage, Some Kind Of Fake
For the fans of: Against Me!, Hot Water Music, Polar Bear Club
Listen: Myspace / Full album download

Release date 20.10.2009

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