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This Changes Everything... EP

Written by: PP on 09/12/2009 20:10:13

It's been a while since I've reviewed anything scene, and I feel like I've kind of missed out on what's been going on, so I've made it a point to myself to check out and introduce some small, yet unknown bands to you guys. And folks, this name drop's gonna be like the bomb that hit Hiroshima for anyone into scene, so pay attention and check this out: if you're into Alexisonfire, old FFAF, early LoveHateHero, early Silverstein, a bit of old school Finch, and a tiny bity of cheese in the vein of Hawthorne Heights.....generally anything from the first wave of emo/screamo about five-six years ago, before the bands started sounding so goddamn manufactured and fake, back when the sound wasn't so derivative, then The Jettison Commitment has just hit home run with their new EP "This Changes Everything....".

Why? Because the band combines together early Alexisonfire speeds (almost punk) with early FFAF & Silverstein dynamics (think blinding guitar leads and scales) and clean vocals with just the right degree of angst to them - like Punchline, Hawthorne Heights - that are constantly mirrored by raw, unproduced screams for contrast. Yeah, this is by the books post-hardcore / screamo, but why does it sound so fresh? Maybe because the overall feeling is that which was present in the first wave of emo/screamo bands of the 2000s. You know, the one before the Blessthefalls, Burden Of A Days, The Devil Wears Pradas ruined the scene with their manufactured (albeit admittedly, still somewhat catchy and appealing to teenagers today), breakdown infested sound. The Jettison Commitment aren't entirely devoid of breakdowns either, but for the most part, their music is characterized by a melodic flow that isn't unnecessarily broken down to sections where it feels like the band just ran out of ideas of how to continue the song. As a result, the songs are ridiculously catchy, though "Cuts Hurt Kids" possibly extends the 'ridiculously' adjective into the kind that, when played live frequently enough, will see crowds grow and grow and grow and grow....until they're the next sensation in the genre, covered by any self-respecting magazine focusing on post-hardcore and screamo. For now, they're a small band from Ontario, Canada, that you should get to know before they blow up. That is, if they're able to uphold their level of songwriting for the next couple of releases, at least.


Download: Cuts Hurt Kids
For the fans of: Silverstein, Alexisonfire, Hawthorne Heights, Finch, LoveHateHero
Listen: Myspace

Release date 20.08.2009

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