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Written by: PP on 13/04/2005 03:22:30

"Crimson" is the long-awaited follow up for Alkaline Trio's 2003 album "Good Mourning". After having such successful records as "Goddamnit!" and "Maybe I'll Catch Fire" the previous album was a disappointment. But "Crimson" delivers everything it promises: Solid, melodic, three-chord gothic punk. And it delivers it well. This album has everything that was so common about the early Alk3: Unbeliavably catchy songs, though not catchy enough to be called mainstream, and lots of fast songs fulfilled by some slower, almost ballad-like songs. The best part about this album must be that it contains no fillers. All songs are quality, though some better than others. "Time To Waste" is an excellent start to the album, "Sadie" re-defines the meaning of atmospheric goth-punk, and "Back To Hell" is just one hell of a song! "Crimson" is accessible for both oldschool alk3 fans as well as the "Good Mourning" generation fans. Way, way better than "Good Mourning".


Download: Back To Hell, Time To Waste

For the fans of: The All-American Rejects, AFI

Release date 24.5.2005

Jvc Victor records

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