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Shuteye Unison

Written by: PP on 16/11/2009 23:31:31

Shuteye Unison's self-titled album has patiently awaited its turn on my review list for a few months now because it was released back in 2008, and thus not considered a priority compared to more recent releases this year. Another reason for the delay is that I haven't quite been able to figure out what to make of the record, but since that's unlikely to change anytime soon, I might as well have a go at reviewing the record.

What we're dealing with is quiet, dreamy post-rock not much unlike the recent Driving By City Sidewalks record, although Shuteye Unison's expression is much softer and dreamier for the most part. The guitars are light, and the vocals smoothly faded back to create an introspective shoegaze vibe, generally referencing names like The Appleseed Cast and the like. Sounds like your run of the mill post-rock, right? Not quite. Where so many bands in the genre fall into the trap of pretentiousness, Shuteye Unison succeed in creating a down-to-earth, easily absorbable sound that keeps both its feet on the ground despite flying high up in the clouds in terms of range. Much of this has to do with the extensive use of vocals which add another dimension to the sound that could otherwise easily become repetitive. Some of the vocal harmonies are perfect for creating the dreamy sound of the record, with "Tomorrow's Five Horizons" probably being the best track on the record. Fans of Oceansize will probably fall in love with the melodic ring in the guitars, but yet more artsy post-rock fans should take a liking in the carefully constructed soundscape.

Still, as some of the songs race far beyond the seven minute mark, you can rest assured believe me when I say Shuteye Unison isn't going to be the band to pull you over to the post-rock world. I'm also still puzzled as to whether I really like the record or just think it's average, but I'm guessing my limited experience with the genre might have something to do with it. But what's important is that throughout the entire record, not once does it feel like the band is lost in their own sound or confused about the direction the songs should progress towards.

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For the fans of: Driving By City Sidewalks, The Appleseed Cast
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Release date 07.05.2008
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