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Our Twilight EP

Written by: EW on 11/11/2009 17:29:52

The difference between a bunch of inexperienced musicians forming a band against that of experienced minds coming together in the formation of a new project is clinically evidenced in the new project named Barren Earth, featuring current and ex- members of Swallow the Sun, Moonsorrow, Kreator and Amorphis. This "Our Twilight" EP is a taster before we get the band's full-length debut early next year, which by the sounds of this EP should be an interesting listen for sure.

Opener "Our Twilight" is an edit of an extended version that will be on the album and serves a signpost of where the band come from and what their intentions are with this project. It is here that for once the label's promo blurb rings true as the four songs on offer combine "obscure psychedelic rock and Finnish prog...[travelling] through the realm of melodic brutality and keyboard-soaked atmosphere." In "Our Twilight" the band's obvious knack for creating sublime melodies with beautiful organ/keyboard backing gives off distinct whiffs of Amorphis and Sentenced I feel, all the while ending up close to the sound of recent Opeth material, which itself is accentuated by their increasing incorporation of the keys. The influence Sami Ylisirniö brings with his guitar from Kreator is subtly found in the layers of the EP not in the brutality of his master band but of the sweeping riffs and clever interplay he shares with Janne Perttilä, all being but one of the signs that this dynamic release suggests the meeting of trained minds in the quest to form another successful venture.

Again the blurb cannot be argued with in describing "The Flame Of Serenity" as an 'epic', based upon the keyboard performance of Kasper Mårtenson the song transforms from righteous prog to a more-Candlemass-than-Candlemass-themselves moment and back again, never in the process feeling hurried or unsophisticated. If you're in a developing band yourself and need some idea of how to construct a song with a great varience in moods and tempos you could do a lot worse than listen to "The Flame Of Serenity" for it effortlessly works it's way into the realms of 'great'. Closing with the "Floodred", no bad song in itself, Barren Earth have done enough to convince me in these 22 minutes that their debut album next year should be well worth the time spent getting to know.


Download: Our Twilight, The Flame Of Serenity
For The Fans Of: Swallow The Sun, Opeth, Amorphis, Moonsorrow
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Release date: 09.11.2009
Peaceville Records

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