Liebe ist Für Alle Da

Written by: PP on 30/10/2009 13:56:20

I don't think I need to come up with an elaborate introduction for the new Rammstein record "Liebe Ist Für Alle Da". All that needs to be said is that they're the biggest rock/metal export in Germany, they've put out five full lengths before this one, and it has been four years since "Rosenrot" was released. I shouldn't even need to explain their core sound, the over-the-top German flavored industrial rock, because by now everyone will have heard one of the golden oldies like "Du Hast", "Amerika", "Sonne", or perhaps even the new (and incredibly juvenile) single "Pussy"

The record opens with a huge industrial soundscape typical to Rammstein, and just to make it crystal clear to what band you're listening to, massive "RAMM-STEIN" gang shouts echo in the background as the chorus for the song. Yeah, this is more of the music-for-the-masses that the band is known for, so don't pop on the disc expecting artistic completeness or the slightest bit of experimentation. It still appeals to the same people who take on a strange liking to other shock-value acts like Marilyn Manson and Rob Zombie. I don't want to call it pop rock because in its heart it's still industrial rock, but the pop element in the record is so significant that it's becoming harder and harder to go around the term. There are simply too many soft songs that lean so much on a radio wave friendly - even balladic - sound.

The heavy hitting metal stuff like "B********" and "Liebe Ist Für Alle Da" is where the band are at their best, sounding precisely like the Rammstein you've learned to know from albums like "Mutter" and "Reise, Reise". Incredibly formulaic, and often ridiculous in the lyrical sense, but it sells lots of copies mostly because of its ability to feasibly export of the darkest corners of German culture to the outside world. If you buy the deluxe edition of the album, it comes in a nice boxed package with a bonus disc (five songs) and lots of sexual artwork, so I'd recommend paying the extra money if you're thinking about getting a copy - it's worth it.


Download: Pussy, Rammlied, Frühling In Paris
For the fans of: Marilyn Manson, Rob Zombie, Static-X, Dope, Slipknot
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Release date 16.10.2009

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