Unearthly Trance

The Trident

Written by: PP on 18/04/2006 18:45:49

If I didn't know better, I would be ready to swear that Unearthly Trance was yet another one of Mike Patton's crazy side-projects, because the vibes of "The Trident" are those of apocalypse, doom and desperation, with song themes ranging from drowning ("The Air Exits, The Sea Accepts Me") to waking up in the middle of hundreds of dead bodies ("Wake Up And Smell The Corpses"), and a vocalist who sounds just about ready to die after being stabbed by a long spear.

Some of the songs are painfully slow, definitely doom-metal type arrangements where the same riff thunders every once in a while and keeps the listener constantly on his toes. Others lean more towards the death metal label with fast, albeit not very technical dirty guitar work, and screams that could be the sounds of a man being severly tortured in a deep underground cave.

"Scarlet" is a track worth mentioning in more detail. The drums don't set a pace, but instead create a daunting, apocalyptic atmosphere on the background, while the rest of the instruments slowly crawl forward and the vocalist's whispers sound like they're coming from each corner of the dark room you're in. Then suddenly the instruments pause for a moment, and dirty guitar feedback and effects paint a picture in your mind of a man dying somewhere 100-200 metres away from where you are standing. The twisted vibe oozes pitch black darkness and pure evil, and once it surrounds you, you won't find anywhere to escape.

The remaining eight tracks are just as devious if not even more. I dare you to take this album with you to a forest walk at midnight, as the soundscapes created by this album truly transform your surroundings into something taken from some of the most scary oldschool horror films out there. But as a piece of music, it's a little bit too disturbing for my taste.


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Release date 10.04.2006
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