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Written by: PP on 20/10/2009 02:04:56

Watch Me Bleed are a new German hardcore band with some metal/core influences, which isn't weird in itself but when you look at the lineup and find in it members from Mystic Prophecy and Symphorce, you can't but sit with a bit of a question mark on your face wondering how exactly this project came to sound like it does. Both bands are renowned for their fantastic ability to plague the rest of the world with terribly generic heavy/power metal output, so it's not really surprising to discover that they are no better at metallic hardcore either, at least if we are to judge by their debut album "Souldrinker".

Starting off with an awfully generic tough guy hardcore piece "Rise", the band are off to a terrible first impression because from the the top of your head anyone should be able to name at least ten other bands who do it way better than these guys. You know how Full Blown Chaos only had two brilliant tracks on their record while the rest were full of mindless chugging? You're gonna wish you had received that record in the post instead after listening to this. I mean take a listen to "Bloodred Rain". It may start off with distant All That Remains resemblance thanks to the technical lead, but from around 2:15 minutes until the end of the song, I could swear that the rhythm guitar plays precisely one note until the song's over - slight exaggeration accepted of course. Then straight after you're treated to even more chugga-chugga riffage on "SixSixSeven" which makes Bury Your Dead sound creative. From here onwards, you'll be thinking about third rate versions of bands like Stone Sour, Slipknot, which isn't really saying much since both are quite boring on record even if their live shows are fucking awesome.

"When Darkness Hides" starts off with a death metal riff and some growls instead of the monotonous, boring vocals that are essentially the largest health problem for "Souldrinker". It quickly develops into by-the-books metalcore with a tad bit of hardcore influence, leading me to wonder if the band members have a bit of an identity crisis going on here? If the first four or five songs were 70% hardcore and 30% metal (or metalcore), then the band switches the leanings around and all of a sudden become a metal band with hardcore influences instead of just a metallic tough guy hardcore band. But even though you'll find some candy for your ears instrumentally in this section, nothing can save the effort from it's horrific, generic vocals that force me to label each song 'unlistenable'. That is, unless you live and breathe older Bury Your Dead etc material.


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For the fans of: Stone Sour, Full Blown Chaos, Bury Your Dead
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Release date 23.10.2009
Silverwolf Productions

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