Flood of Red

Leaving Everything Behind

Written by: DR on 15/10/2009 15:30:58

Those of you who know of this Scottish sextet will undoubtedly think of them as the brightest post-hardcore prospect the UK has had since one Funeral for a Friend. That being said though, there hasn't been too much competition for the accolade, not to take anything away from such Flood of Red songs as "An Hour Away" and "Oh Yes, There Will Be Blood". They brought passion and energy back to the genre, and I have to say I was hoping to hear more of the same on their full-length debut. Alas, it's not to be. The screaming is entirely gone, the musicianship is far more ambient, and there's far more mature feel to the band now. It will no doubt please you to learn that though the band have progressed, the drive of the former EP's that made them so special still remains. Combine that with Circa Survive meets Secret And Whisper soundscapes, and you get, well, an erection.

It's not often you can say the opening 'prelude' track is one of the stand out moments on an album, but it's not often an opening track is as good as "The Edge of The World (Prelude)". A piano, atmospheric drumming and Jordan Speirs wonderful vocals, complete with endearing and organic Scottish accent as he sings about their roots in Airdrie: "I'm from the dullest town I know / full of darker secrets that no-one will tell / And my sisters have seen it all / Their hearts in the right place / It's so true and strong / I'm at the edge of the world but the ground can't pull me down." Don't fret though, it's not downhill from then on.

Throughout all 14 songs there isn't great creativity, in the sense that songs do feel similar, and I reached for CD case more than a few times to confirm what song I'm listening to. However, don't let me fool you in to thinking that each track is basically the same, except with different lyrics. "The Harmony", first single "A Place Before The End" and stand out track "I Am The Speechless" are all high paced with catchy choruses, and the rapid and repetitive drumming from Graham Griffiths (who is one peach of a drummer) will have you air-drumming along, much to the amusement of anyone watching you (not like it matters, air drums are waaay cooler than air-guitars.) The song "Little Lovers" was quite the surprise package, as the band go for that 'big' sound yet still remains that delicateness that interests, and they do pull it off convincingly; they too go for it again, and reach it, again, with "Electricity / I Will Not Change".

The band headed out America to record this album, produced by none other than Brian McTernan (Thrice, Senses Fail, Circa Survive, Moneen) so you know the production will be top notch. Furthermore, anyone who knows me will know I have little confidence left in British rock music (but that's a rant for another day), which is why I regard heading out to America was a very clever decision, because, quite frankly, North America is leading the way in rock music, so getting someone like Brian McTernan's perspective has proved to be a very astute choice.

"Leaving Everything Behind" is always intriguing, never too abrasive and constantly striking. It's good throughout, but there aren't quite enough truly great moments. That being said, this is still a debut, and a very promising one at that. It seems the (once) last decent post-hardcore hope this country had have moved not only into a genre of their own, but, if this debut is any sign of things to come, they will soon enough be in a league of their own, truly leaving the majority of British bands behind and competing on a worldwide stage up there with the likes of, dare I say it, Circa Survive.


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Release Date 15.09.2009
Dark City Records

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