Flee the Seen

Doubt Becomes the New Addiction

Written by: TL on 05/04/2006 18:12:49

Okay, so basically you take instruments sounding sort of like “Thursday” or maybe “Alexisonfire”, add a backup singer with a voice resembling that of Fred Mascherino of “Taking Back Sunday”, and then you spice up the whole thing with a female lead vocalist Kim Anderson. You then take 10 seconds off to just think (what the f*ck is a female vocalist suddenly doing in an emo-band!?) and then you slice the whole thing into a million pieces and put it back together in the most complex order you can come up with. Voila! You just made yourself Flee the Seen’s debut full-length “Doubt Becomes The New Addiction”.

Sounds like a lot to take in? Well that’s because it is. Every song on this album changes again and again at hazardous speeds. Kim’s singing is basically all over the place most of the time. She screams like a banshee for a moment, then whispers like a muse, then siren-song and then she proceeds to speak the words like she was doing voice-over for a movie. The guitars and bass follow the vocals on this sonic rollercoaster ride and you won't really have much time to notice what’s going on before it’s over.

As stated earlier this is the debut full-length from the Kansas City quartet, and this is noticeable in some places. The album starts out with the 45 seconds long “Celebrate The Static”, where the band is obviously trying to show us just how hardcore they can be. The next two songs do not fall short of the opener, as everything is full throttle and full volume, but then as “Do You Think Dallas Is Still in the Slammer” fades out with Kim chanting “I promise” the album takes it down a notch. For the next song the vocalists switch roles, which makes the more catchy and conventional “I’ll Be Back On Sunday” sound somewhat like early Taking Back Sunday – in an absolutely positive way, as the song is definitely one of the catchiest on the album.

The song “Wire Tap Out” is in my opinion the immediate strongest track on the album. It contains a little of everything the band has to offer and there's a nice momentum to it. After the next song there is a short instrumental interlude (“Walking Past You”) before the last 3 tracks.

I think every song on this album has good things to offer, but people must keep in mind that this is complex stuff, and it definately isn't the sort of thing that will just strike you instantly as being awesome. You won't find yourself singing along to this record or even comprehending the soundscapes, unless you do some ACTIVE listening. I am afraid this pulls the album down a little bit, but it is still a really good start. I think that if this band can get a firmer hold on their sound and find a way to make their songs come together as a whole (album) a little bit more, we can expect some really good stuff from them in the future. As a result I’m grading them a really high:


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Release date 14.03.2006
Facedown Records

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