NPON (Nothing Positive, Only Negative)

Written by: PP on 05/04/2006 10:00:18

"Nothing Positive, Only Negative" is a very daring album title if your band is called FACEDOWNINSHIT. It's already denotating a sound worse than crap, or one which will haunt you in your nightmares for the rest of your miserable existence. Fortunately, this is not the case, as the trio combines hardcore, punk and prog metal together to create epic soundscapes and daunting atmospheres surrounding the brutally slow, lo-fi screams the band has been known for in the past.

Much like other prog bands, their songs tend to be in the long-lasting end, many of them reaching up to the 8 minute mark, and consequently the vocals often don't hit in before a few minutes into the song. The listener is first teased with garage-ish, Knut-esque simplistic and slow riffs, before their vocalist attacks you with raw, crude screams in an attempt to make you bow your head down in front of their grandeur.

The vocal style gives the album enough character to distinguish itself from others attempting to compose similar arrangements. All of their songs are slow and untechnical, but this has been done on purpose to give them a fried, dirty sound, and in order to achieve the grand, spacey sound persistent on the record. If the album was any more produced than it is, its power and mercilessness would suffer, consequently making it uninteresting and annoying to listen to.

Any fans of hardcore, prog hardcore and prog metal should find "Nothing Positive, Only Negative" a positive experience and worth the purchase. Still, I don't know how often I will put this record on in the future, as it doesn't exactly give you a chance to appreciate it's greatness due to the ugliness of the sound. It challanges you to face the fact that this world isn't always a nice place to live on. Nevertheless, it's an experience worth checking out.


Download: Association Of Known Undesirables, Plasma Center Blues
For the fans of: Knut, Unruh, Converge
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Release date 10.04.2006
Relapse Records
Provided by Target ApS

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