To Have and To Unhold

Written by: ASH on 31/03/2006 14:44:09

"I swear...I will...Never drink from the poisoned well!".

That's how it all begins just after an explosion of one heavy guitar riff accompanied by quite an evil bass line and an even more evil drum-fest. The band themselves describe it; "Just honest metal songs" and I agree. Koroded sounds great on most of their tracks, especially the one I just mentioned. But like all other great things, you have to hear it yourself. "To Have and To Unhold", as it is named, is Koroded's second album to be unleashed upon the European record stores and they're not to be taken lightly.

Their album has been produced by the help of Hatesphere's front vocalist Jacob Bredahl and by the sound of this German band, he sure can produce something worthwhile. The lyrics are shot out into the void by Jan Röder, their singer, who along with their "axe slinger" / guitarist Frank Fieckenstein harmonizes the album into reaching a higher level of quality.

They're melodic instead of disturbing, energetic instead of unmotivating and catchy instead of ignorable. All of this gives, in my opinion, a feeling that these guys feel comfortable in the way they play their music and how they've created it.

Take their eleventh track on the album: "People of the Abyss". It has alot of interesting riffs and great vocal work. Once again, you can feel their energy and engagement in their music just by hearing a minute or two of the track. Just great.

There's just a few cards, which I have to put down on the table. The outros of both the first track: "Zero Minus Zero" and the second: "Scaretade" are not at all suitable for a band who sounds like Koroded do. Being so energetic in all of their tracks, I see their outros as a smoke screen instead of a devastating explosion. And it's that explosion, which would've been more than a great ending of those songs. No wimpy fade-outs, just pure and honest endings, that says: "what we play, is what we fucking play...End of story!"

But there's just one last thing I'd like to explain before I close this review. Koroded is doing a great job, but...What you need, in my opinion, is two unique tracks that will make you stand out. One, being the most ferocious track that you can possibly make and number two, a melodic yet also catchy like in the eighth track "In Love With Memories"'s first minute of music. That would be great.

If the band keeps up the good work, I think that a lot of people will look forward to their future albums. Be unique, you can, because of your talent.


Download: Zero Minus Zero, People of the Abyss
For the fans of: Skinlab, Sepultura
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Release date 03.04.2006
Silverdust Records
Provided by Target ApS

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