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Descend Into Depravity

Written by: EW on 12/08/2009 17:07:29

Seeing how much the whole umbrella of metal is really just a reflection of society at large, finding a societal position for name worthy bands is a practice that could be extended across the whole spectrum and no doubt with interesting results to boot. In the world of death metal the phrase 'blue collar band' is often banded around and while that term could be applied equally to Bolt Thrower, Cannibal Corpse or Dying Fetus, we'll have to say 'Fetus settle for the position of the logger - dealing in huge weighty products and totally unrelenting of any carnage his actions may cause. Dying Fetus are so blue collar it hurts. "Descend Into Depravity" does just that, if your definition of 'depravity' happens to be blistering, immaculately played guttural brutal death metal, because for a band with an already fearsome reputation, album number 6 only adds considerable weight to it.

Throughout the myriad line-up changes to have been inflicted upon the band down the years, with just guitarist/vocalist John Gallagher remaining the only constant, Fetus have actually stuck with the same threesome for a whole 2 years now and this is reflected in the jaw-dropping tightness of the band. Really, pick any track of the 8 on offer and there will be instances a numero where the words "incredibly" and "tight" are about all that can come to mind during it's continual fight against being battered senseless by the onslaught of all three band members as they weave through riffs and blasts of startling aptitude and complexity. Long-time fans will not be surprised in the slightest by this, but as good as listening to any Dying Fetus is, the pleasure in listening to "Descend Into Depravity" is increased by the knowledge that they can still churn out such pummeling extremity after so many years and one classic already in the bag, "Destroy The Opposition".

The essential Fetus formula of the past is the formula of the present, and such is their nature both on record and live, no time is wasted with frilly accessories when this juggernaut is on the move. In just 33 minutes, Dying Fetus match the likes of Origin in producing death metal that is memorable, enjoyable and complex through the likes of the title track, "Ethos Of Coercion", "Conceived Into Enslavement" and "Shepherd's Commandment" just for starters. John Gallacher and Sean Beasley work the Carcass-style dual vocal partnership brilliantly and with a fantastically punchy production courtesy of one Steve Wright Dying Fetus come away with one simple aim: to attack you quickly, brutally and methodically. Need I declare if this ambition is achieved?

How "Descend Into Depravity" will settle in along with other albums of the Dying Fetus catalogue will only be revealed with the benefit of the passing of time but let it be clear in the now that it can justifiably be compared with "Destroy The Opposition", a record I had previously thought pretty untouchable.

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Release date 21.09.2009
Relapse Records

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