Ten Years In Hell

Written by: MY on 18/03/2006 23:31:47

“Once upon a song, in the land of Never Never, there lived a shy dameal named Alice. She was radiant of beauty and gentle of spirit, her heart was pure and clean...” Don't worry, I am not going to tell you a fairy tale, these are the words of the first scene of Annihilator's double DVD, "Ten Years In Hell". Canadian Jeff Water's one man show, Annihilator, has been doing music for about 22 years, released 11 studio and 2 live albums, changed band members lots of times, and has always been one of the most critically acclaimed bands in the metal world both by the fans and the press. And finally, on February 20, the band released their first DVD, "Ten Years In Hell", a documentary about the first ten years of the career, including video clips, backstage footage, TV interviews, live stuff, fan shots and more. You can see below for further details on the content of the DVD.

"Ten Years In Hell" is nothing less than a great journey between 1989 and 1999 with lots of great materials. It is more fun to watch the first disc, as it is a mixture of the videos, backstage footage, live stuff and interviews. Especially the interview done by Jeff Waters with the other members of the band in the studio is worth to watch, very funny. In the second DVD, there is an extensive interview with Jeff Waters, he tells the Annihilator history all from the demo days, no actually from his childhood, and former members such as Coburn Pharr, Russel Bergquist, Mike Mangini and Neil Goldberg are the guests of this interview. The aspects of the detailed history is ok, but already having seen lots of interviews on the first disc and then watching a more in depth one on the second disc makes it a little bit boring.

If you are a fan of Annihilator, "Ten Years In Hell" is a must have for your collection but others must decide if they want to hear Annihilator's history that much.


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For the fans of: Testament, Sodom

Release date 20.02.2006
Steamhammer US [SPV] Records

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