Wake Pig

Written by: MS on 15/03/2006 22:34:31

Wake Pig is the third album from NY-based five-piece 3. It's now re-released on Metal Blade records, after being remastered and remixed with additional songs and vocals. It was first released by Planet Noise Records back in 2004. The band has existed since the mid 90's and they have previously toured with bands like Coheed & Cambria, UnderOATH and Boys Night Out.

The sound of this album is very hard to describe. The mix of strange synth effects, acoustic guitars and a dirty guitar sound makes it very unique. The first time you listen to the album, you just sit and wonder if it's actually a man singing. Vocalist Joey Eppard has one of the strangest voices I've heard in a long time. He sounds like a woman! His voice could be compared to that of Claudio Sanchez of Coheed and Cambria. Joey seems like something of a musical genious, creating such music and possessing a mindblowing talent on the guitar. There's a short acoustic track on the album; "Bramfatura", which I was left amazed by the first time I heard it. My jaw dropped to the ground. It leaves you wondering how the hell he can play that fast on an acoustic guitar. The drumming on the album is very dynamic, and the heavy use of the tom drums gives the songs a very special sound. Certainly very energetic drumming.

The album opens with the song "Alien Angel", which is also one of my favourite songs on the album. It has a rather heavy metalish intro that I'm fond of, and the chorus is very good. Also, check out the video for the song on their Myspace account. It's very interesting. Other mentionable songs are the title track "Wake Pig", and the, in my oppinion, best track on the album: "Trust", which also reappears at the end of the CD in a remixed version.

This is one of the best albums of 2006 yet, and it's definately worth your hard earned bucks.


Download: Alien Angel, Trust
For the fans of: Coheed and Cambria, Tool
Listen: Myspace, Purevolume

Release date 16.01.2006
Metal Blade records
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