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U.D.O. is the home these days of ex-Accept vocal lord Udo Dirkschneider, a band whom I am a huge fan of, yet despite forming his 'solo' band in 1987 after leaving Accept this has never helped in me hearing any of their music before. "Infected" is the EP set to introduce the world to the upcoming 12th U.D.O. album "Dominator" (to be reviewed here too) and it's giving me a confused view on how to judge the band.

The first three songs of the 5 song EP are classic heavy metal yet tinged with an industrial tone, most noticeable in the title track which begins with a most strange guitar tone that leads it to be more industrial than the classic heavy metal to be expected from such a band. "Bodyworld" gets moving with the best riff of the three which if it wasn't for the industrial tint would sit comfortably among any one of Germany's many classic heavy metal bands.

It is then with track 4, "Platche Soldat (Remix)" that things take a change for the peculiar. I read on a certain popular metal archiving site that a lyrical theme of U.D.O.'s is Russia and with these two closing tracks sung presumably in Russian that is one clue, but for these two to be bouncy accordion-led folk/pirate metal was totally against my expectations. Closer "Poezd Po Rossii", recorded live in Moscow last year, is very catchy and along the lines of a Korpiklaani or Black Messiah song and the benefactor too of some exuberant crowd participation, ending up being a piece of good fun if nothing too meaningful to a non-German and non-Russian like myself.

Short and sweet, "Infected" will get your attention if you listen to it, which I guess is it's intention, but with only 2222 copies being released you will want to move quickly to secure yourself one!


Download: Poezd Po Rossii, Bodyworld
For The Fans Of: Accept, W.A.S.P., Black Messiah
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Release date: 26.06.09
AFM Records

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