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Oh! Calcutta!

Written by: PP on 11/03/2006 06:54:10

Five albums, two split albums and one seven inch in six years is an impressive record for any band, but when all of your records are this good, it only justifies the almost legendary status this band has reached in the past few years. The Lawrence Arms has always been one of THE punk rock bands to stay true to their roots and write songs they enjoy, disregarding all criticism and praise alike. Their sixth studio album, "Oh! Calcutta!", is just another pit stop on the bands ultimate journey to become a band every music fan taking themselves seriously will nostalgically reminisce in 20 years time.

"Oh! Calcutta!" sounds exactly like you would expect an album by The Lawrence Arms and a band on Fat Wreck to sound like. It's full of kick ass melodic punk anthems that haven't been polished much, leaving a raw, almost lo-fi sound behind, but it doesn't work against their cause at all. To generalize their sound to the stereotype garage-sounding three chorded punk sound wouldn't be entirely incorrect, but a few listens down you'll discover that there is much more depth to their songs than you might notice on the surface.

Although it's difficult to separate the best tracks from an album where all songs seem to be equally good, "Are You There Margaret? It's Me God" and "Lose Your Illusion 1" are the two songs I've enjoyed the most. They're the two where speed and agression meet melody and depth in the best way for my ears, but then again that's a subjective opinion. It is not an opinion, however, to discuss whether or not this album is good. The songs speak for themselves.


Download: "Are You There Margaret? It's Me, God", "Lose Your Illusion 1"
For the fans of: Dillinger Four, Against Me!, Screeching Weasel
Listen: Official Website with MP3

Release date 07.03.2006
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