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Written by: NB on 09/06/2009 18:39:02

Interitus Dei are a Romanian band formed in 1994 who describe their genre as gothic metal. They also claim that they have "their own original style" called "eclectic metal". I would personally describe their new record "In Motion" as stereotypical heavy metal/hard rock with some of the worst vocals I've ever heard. Unfortunately that isn't an original style, as anyone who has had the misfortune to hear bands such as Wizzard (founded in the 70s by Roy Wood of ELO fame) will agree.

The album opens (and pretty much continues throughout) with some impressively clichéd riffs and tom-heavy drumming. This is all very well because they are a classic heavy metal band after all, even if they don't know it. However, when the vocals kick in they almost turn the music into a joke. Halfway through the first track we get this smoker's growl repeating the words "In Motion" over and over. The sound of the growl sort-of reminds me of Lordi, but instead of being cool, funny or tongue-in-cheek, it's just embarrassing. As in all the songs which follow, the music drones on until a guitar solo arrives. This part is definitely the highlight of every song but this in no way makes up for all of the album's other failings.

I would feel bad giving the band too low a score because of their pride in the fact that the album was recorded in 14 days and the production still sounds fairly good (5 days on vocals, really?) and the fact that their detailed and impassioned descriptions of every song in the cover letter that came with the demo make me think that they did put some effort into the album. To be honest, the band's musicianship is actually fine and I might have said that they had some potential (think 4 or 5 rather than 3) were it not for their three previous failed attempts to perfect this.


Download: Deny Denial (mainly because of the name)
For the fans of: Wizzard, Cryhavoc
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Release date 06.03.2009
Black Bards

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