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There are only a handful of bands who are able to put together explosive punk rock and intensely emotional songs as well as Boston five-piece Transit on their new EP "Stay Home". Their expression showcases the passion of a band who are really pouring their hearts into their music, typical to other critically acclaimed emotional bands such as Moneen and even Taking Back Sunday (on their debut). It's impossible to not be immediately succumbed into the music when the songs are this fucking emotional, starting from the fiery instrumentation to the angst-filled vocals of the band's three vocalists. Their voices drip of pure emotional passion, best heard on the opening lyrics to the EP "SO MANY DAYYYS AND NIIIGHTS" and on the clean vocal melodies of "Stays The Same", where they sound fairly similar to early Taking Back Sunday. When the occasional gruff barks and gang-shouts arrive, you'll be tempted to think of bands like Polar Bear Club and Hot Water Music as well...are your lips drooling yet?

Instrumentally, the band plays a lot on the changing tempo dynamic as the songs can develop from explosive punk rock into pure emo in the vein of bands like Moneen, Boys Night Out, Armor For Sleep, The Movielife, Texas Is The Reason and such. More recent parallels can be drawn to the explosive technical punk of Lipona or the sheer emotion of Tiger's Jaw (especially on "Stays The Same"). Essentially, Transit could pass by as an emo from five or six years ago if it wasn't for the high-octane punk rock rhythms that lead the songs to their emotional explosions. I realize I've used that word three times already in the review, but there's just no better way for explaining how Transit moves between emotional hardcore and d-beat punk rock. Fuck words like 'seamless' if you're able to do it with such force and immediacy every time.

After five tracks of emotional hardcore/punk rock (call it what you will, I call it good), "Outbound" ends the EP perfectly by sounding like classic Moneen from the early days. It's quiet and acoustic in the beginning with heavy focus on the vocal melody and lyrics, but all this leads into an intense emotional outburst about half-way into the song where the band emerges into a massive slow-paced gang shout for the rest of the song. It's moments like these that give "Stay Home EP" its repeat-listen value. Each new listen will reveal more intricacies in the band's sound, be it a quirky vocal melody, a clever riff/chord interplay, or just a great drum-pattern. Don't miss this if you're wondering where the old emo went.

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For the fans of: The Movielife, Moneen, Taking Back Sunday, Tiger's Jaw
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Release date 14.04.2009
Run For Cover Records

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