Death Pop Romance

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Danish Raunchy's fanbase has been at a steady rise ever since their debut album "Velvet Noise" was released in 2002. "Death Pop Romance" is the bands third album and their debut at Lifeforce Records, the hottest label around in the metal/metalcore scenes right now, and is likely to catch the band some international attention they have deserved for a while already.

"Death Pop Romance" is an effective mix of death metal and metalcore, which is one of the reasons the band is often labelled under hybrid metal. The rough, sharp edged vocals are almost without an exception followed by high pitched clean singing either during bridges leading up to the choruses or in the actual choruses, immediately reminding the listener of the many metalcore bands out there such as Bullet For My Valentine or Trivium. Unfortunately, Raunchy is about a year and a half too late with the release of the album. It brings nothing new to the currently overcrowded metalcore scene. Their only difference to their British and American genremates is the daunting, haunted and misanthropic atmosphere created by the clean/rough vocal combination, whereas the previously mentioned bands loot their goods from the high pitched vocals, that create an angstful, almost teenage-whiny atmosphere.

Even though the album kicks off strong with the pounding opener "This Legend Forever", it shortly starts repeating itself. Even after dozens of listens it's still hard to distinguish the songs from one another, and there are no tracks invading your immediate short term memory. By the time you reach halfway through the album, the songs have become predictable, and in some instances, boring. There's no question whether or not they are good tracks individually, but they become rather tiresome when the album is played from start to finish.

Raunchy will most definitely infiltrate the international scene with such a successful label behind them, and will receive truckloads of new fans worldwide, but they are still missing that one special ingredient that would make them stand out from the masses.


Download: This Legend Forever
For the fans of: Bullet For My Valentine, In Flames, Fear Factory

Release date 20.02.2006
Lifeforce Records
Provided by Target ApS

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