The Strokes

First Impressions of Earth

Written by: JM on 02/02/2006 09:07:44

They have done it again! Or have they? The Strokes have returned with yet another album with chilled out sounds and the oddly monotone vocals. Yet if it weren't for the new track titles and the slightly different lyrics, the album could easily have been mistaken for the previous one, "Room On Fire". The Strokes may have concentrated too heavily on "keeping their style" and have produced a very similar, almost identical album in sound and feel. The new album, "First Impressions Of Earth", has a more poppy and mainstream sound compared to the previous album, which suggests The Strokes have now gone mainstream and started diverging towards pop.

I may keep the album on my shelf for chill-out times, but after having had it on repeat for a few days it will not be played for a while. My surroundings (including walls and people) will probably be thankful for this, since this album becomes highly monotonous and one sided in the long run. The major Strokes fans might well be celebrating (and as a result of reading this planning my death), yet I had hoped for a bit more creativity and ingenuity from the band. Lets just hope this isn't the end of them, but by the looks of it they may just have become "Sell Outs". Also since we unfortunately (for some) do not rate how well the albums do financially this album is doomed to the ever lasting list of mediocre albums, as the lacking sound and quality appear beneath the surface of this otherwise well polished album.

The album kicks off with a good intro, but it never lives up to the expectations and all the tracks collapse into the large boring pile of mediocracy. The few tracks that are worthwhile and nice chill-out music have their charm at the beginning, but let everyone be warned that they unfortunately have no lasting effect. Better luck next time is the only message I would like to send to The Strokes! Less business, more music!


Download: You Only Live Once, Heart In a Cage
For the fans of: Franz Ferdinand, The White Stripes

Release date 03.01.2006
Rough Trade

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