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Written by: BL on 28/03/2009 00:21:04

Having initially heard of Your Demise, I went on Last.FM to see what kind of band they were. I was greeted with the description: "Hate filled hardcore / metal from St Albans, UK". Having listened to numerous bands of said type such as Liferuiner, Emmure, Bury Your Dead, American Me just to name a few, I would wonder how these guys would hold up. I went on their Myspace to have a deeper look and read about the "troubles" these guys have been through: problems with gear theft, numerous vehicle breakdowns, and being arrested and sent to a cell in Belgium for 24 hours being the highlights.

Well I started the album and was greeted with an almighty beefy sound accented heavily by the bass guitar (which is a always plus just to be able to even hear the darn thing). The music is a fairly standard affair from the start (at least as Angercore goes anyway), and overall there isn't the technicality that may be present with some of the bands I mentioned earlier, with the main similarity being that the guitars hardly ever touch the 3 higher strings. Nevertheless you can't but feel rather blasted in your eardrums by the constant low end, balls to the wall, sonic assault riffing. What I mean is that you can really hear the rage and fury from the music these mean lookin' dudes make.

Same can be said for the vocals. Most of the tracks have gang vocals and high pitched, almost strained shouting interplay between each other over the groovy riffs and galloping rhythms. George Noble's vocal delivery has a constantly pissed off sounding tone (almost similar to Sam Carter of Architects or at times even reminiscent of Robert from Adept, but slightly deeper). The lyrics, like the music are rather angry and bitter too: "After all that I've done, I still know I'm this piece of shit" or the rather oh-here-we-go-again "Your life is a fucking joke" - which is barked out numerous times on "Nothing But Regret". It's clear these guys have found a medium for venting their frustrations that have clearly been plaguing their musical career thus far.

There is a rather unique element though that rather took me by surprise as I hit track 8 on the album, "Unknown Dub". The song kicked off with electronica sounds and synth beats, then broke into full on drum & bass soon later. Indeed this album features guest "dubstep" from the producer Dylan, Jake23 and Culprate (for those of you maybe familiar with dubstep/drum & bass). I was rather unsure of the meaning of this full blown 5 minute piece, since just moments before I was having my subwoofer breaking the floor with hard hitting guitar, bass and drums. Now.. well, it's still breaking the floor but with a totally different kind of low end beat. Suffice to say after it finished it was back into the thick of it with "The Clocks Aren't Ticking Backwards", which I must say has such a wicked thrashy feel to it. It's fast, edgy and like the other songs, pissed off to the max - and for the only time in the album features a rather slick but short guitar solo. Indeed one of the highlights of the album. The drum & bass manage to make another return in "Great Shape" near the end, and by now I must say that I'm rather taken back by how fun listening to an album of otherwise monotone sounding hardcore is for once. Really serves as a fresh diversion from the main course of table smashing and floor breaking. And like before, the track following immediately afterwards comes in with great effect, the drum and bass fading out to the blistering "Black Veins".

Lets conclude what we've learned here today. If you like angry and heavy music (with a small dose of drum & bass in the mix for practically no reason at all), or if you're just plain pissed off and looking to break to something/someone/yourself this is the soundtrack you need. Get going!

Download: Burnt Tongues, The Clocks Aren't Ticking Backwards, Black Veins
For the fans of: Liferuiner, Bury Your Dead, Too Pure To Die
Listen: Myspace

Release date 20.04.2009
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