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Written by: PP on 06/04/2005 17:44:30

As the Circa Survive debut full length album release date is approaching, fans are awaiting full of eagerness. The experimental indie rock band has won many hearts by touring with the likes of Gatsby's American Dream, Taking Back Sunday, Motion City Soundtrack and many others. It's not easy to describe their sound as it's probably been influenced by nearly every genre out there. It's easy to hear the influence of bands like At The Drive-In and Sonic Youth in their band, but if you listen carefully, bands like Thursday, Mae , and even The White Stripes' sound is incorporated into the record. But most importantly, Circa Survive don't sound like any of these bands, nor a combination of these bands. They have their own, special sound. This is a record that will receive great reviews among the rock critics. This record is to Indie what The Mars Volta is to progressive rock. Well, perhaps not in such great extent but this is only their debut. Great stuff!


Download: In Fear And Faith

For the fans of: At The Drive-In, Sonic Youth, Mae

Release Date 19.4.2005

Equal Vision records

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