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Live Free Or Don't Tour

Written by: TL on 15/03/2009 21:23:02

Another promo coming from our new friends over at Bear Trap PR is the debut album by City Of Ships, called "Live Free Or Don't Tour". The album which was released on February 24th, is a collection of songs from the band's EP's from 07 and 08, titled "Live Free Or Don't" and "Tour", are coming out on vinyl only for some reason, but fortunately for me, I have been graced with a nice digital promotional version. Otherwise I would've probably had a hard time reviewing it for you.. Who owns a vinyl player these days anyway? (Ellis, you don't count!)

Anyway, even if I have had no problem spinning "Live Free Or Don't Tour" a good dozen times over the past few weeks I still have a hard time figuring out what to tell you about it. City Of Ships are a progressive post-something-core three-piece who seem to really like pedals and feedback, and their compositions remind me the most of the most monumental ones of bands like The Ocean, Isis and Thrice. The songs on this album of theirs are atmospheric pieces fueled with aggressive and desperate yells of multiple voices, but I'm afraid that most of them still seems mostly impenetrable to my ears. I'm no connoisseur of post-anything (save ordinary post-hardcore maybe), and even with a gazillion albums residing in my memory, I must admit that this is one where I just have a really hard time concentrating on the music for the duration, but I still can't really put a finger on anything decisively bad about it. After all it seems that it would be quite clueless to accuse music like this for lacking hooks and catchy parts, as that is probably far from the point.

Effectively, I feel a bit bored by "Live Free Or Don't Tour", but I'm not sure if that's because I just don't have a tongue for its taste, or because it is actually as bland as it seems to me. Usually I can find something to complain about when this is the case, but for once, I'll hands down admit that maybe this record wasn't really for me to review. In any case, I hope to have at least conveyed what it sounds like, and then you can check it out of that is your kind of things. As for myself, my list of monolithic progressive -core bands to get in deep with has both Thrice and The Ocean as higher priorities, and if you haven't heard either then I suggest you start there as well. Then when you get to City Of Ships you can be the judge yourself, and chastise me in the comments if you feel for it. To me, this sounds like a


Download: 20/20, Too Late To Pray,
For The Fans Of: Thrice, The Ocean, Isis

Release Date: 24.02.2009
Forcefield Records

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