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Spoils Of Failure

Written by: PP on 12/03/2009 19:02:25

It's been over four years since Buried Inside unleashed their critically acclaimed album "Chronoclast" to the unsuspecting world. I'll be quick to admit that I haven't actually heard the album, but I've heard so much praise for it that I'm willing to accept it as the 'classic' it is being marketed as these days, especially if I have to base it on my thoughts on their new album "Spoils Of Failure", a record that Relapse calls things like "stunning" and "a completely enthralling album experience", both equally appropriate descriptions of the album.

The album has eight tracks, each of them named simply after the roman numerals I-VIII. This is probably to convince the listener that the individual tracks don't matter as much as the album as a whole. The 11 minute mammoth "III" is a great track to start off with, as it conveys exactly the type of sound Buried Inside are going for throughout the record. Sludgy, dense, yet melodic at the same time, it constructs layers upon layers carefully to create a devastating atmosphere that simultaneously demands the earlier mentioned 'stunning' adjective to be used in conjunction. The vocalist has an exhausting vocal style, a steady, harsh rumbling voice that forces itself on you, but I like it, as it fits well to the buried underneath a mass of land-type of desperation that the album is conveying as a whole. Parallels can be drawn between him and the singers from Isis and Mastodon during the slower passages, whilst there's the occasional stronger scream that reminds me quite a bit of Matt Mazzali of Shai Hulud. Whichever is the case, he varies between an intense, lo-fi hardcore yell and a smoother scream which blends into the layered soundscape perfectly.

There's really no need to mention any specific tracks, because as good as each individual track is on this release, it's the overall flow of the album and how it develops throughout that matters. The transitions are smooth, and the sounds become louder and louder like most progressive music, but instead of having to resort into technical wankery in the form of solos and killer hooks, Buried Inside merely build on a sludge foundation and make it sound so easily accessible and enjoyable. That atmosphere becomes more and more devastating as you pass through the album track by track, but curiously enough, the album begins to sound more and more beautiful at the same time, which is a sign of excellency in the songwriting department. If any of the bands in the for the fans of say anything to you at all, then "Spoils Of Failure" should absolutely be on your 'to be checked out' list.


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For the fans of: Isis, Mastodon, Neurosis, High On Fire
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Release date 09.03.2009

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