A New Way To Trust

Never Grow Old, Never Die EP

Written by: KS on 21/01/2006 17:05:57

A New Way To Trust was originally formed in Brightonm, UK in 2001, and after extensive touring they had gathered a solid fan base demanding an album, which the group went in the studio to record. Unfortunately there were some line-up problems and the session was never released. During winter 2004, the band reformed after pressure from a large fan group. They played a reunion show, which led to the signing with Golf Records and the making of this EP, "Never Grow Old, Never Die". It's straightforward metalcore with short tracks averaging at about 2:15. The vocals have been placed a little bit more to the background than you?re probably used to, but they are still there. As this is an EP, it only contains five tracks but as a bonus they have included a video to the song ?The Drunken Sailor?.

The 5 different tracks work very well and have a distinctive difference. It?s clear that this band is inspired by many of the big bands of Metalcore out there.


Download: Black Collar Worker
For the fans of: Zao, Bleeding Through

Release date 07.11.2005
Golf Records
Provided by Target ApS

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