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The Acoustic Verses

Written by: ASH on 17/01/2006 23:16:12

Hello everyone and welcome to a whole new year of rock. I hope that you've all got through without getting any ears ripped off, but if so, too bad, because this album will make you think twice about playing with fireworks.

As for January, I've set my eyes and ears on a new album by one of Wacken Open Air's many metal bands, namely :green carnation. With their fresh release of "The Acoustic Verses", the record industry has obtained one very exquisite acoustic album, which in my opinion is a real must-hear. The Nordhus brothers; band vocalist Kjetil and guitarist Tchort along with second guitarist Michael Krumins, drummer Tommy Jackson, bassist and second vocalist Stein Roger Sordal, keyboardist Kenneth Silden and last, third guitarist Bj?rn Harstad. A big line up for a band, but nonetheless, :green carnation knows what they're doing. And they're doing it right.

If we take a closer look on "The Acoustic Verses", :green carnation undoubtfully challenges the listener to go into the depths of every little second of their songs. Taking one of the diamonds first; "The Burden Is Mine...Alone" as an example, I amazed myself in just about a minute into the track. This sound...It was fantastic. The combination between Kjetil's voice, which sounds really great, melancholic, but still great, along with the acoustic guitars, creates a sound which I really can't describe physically...it's soothing, tranquil well, most of you all out there recognize the feeling of hearing a song, which gives you the chills in a positive way. That's what "The Burden Is Mine...Alone" gives me, if you get the picture. But all in all, the track is "The Acoustic Verses"'s star. It has it all and more.

But that's not the album's only outstanding track. Though "The Acoustic Verses" unfortunately consist of merely seven tracks, songs like "Maybe?" and the all-out instrumental "Child's Play 3: House Of Cards" really hits the spot. But these two songs are only the tip of the iceberg. Because on the album you'll stumble upon "9-29-045 - Part 1-3", which, although being the longest track on the entire album, is also a real fifteen minutes one-of-a-kind. One track, three songs, each individually great in their own way. Wellcrafted and fine-polished to the last bit, so to say. But there's just one drawback about it. Yeah, all right, the songs are in reality seperated, but when song one fades into song two perfectly, then it's a little bit odd when song two jumps into song three almost without any fade-out. Just a little constructive criticism.

A last thing to criticise, easy now, I'm not doing any medieval witchhunts, it's just that there's not enough meat on the table. In other words, I mean that I really wanted more after listening to the last track; "High Tide Waves". I just thought: "Keep 'em coming", but all I can do is sit back and wait for :greeen carnation to release a new acoustic album, which I can feed my hunger with. But enough of the small talk, let's get straight to essence of it all. "The Acoustic Verses" is, in my opinion, one of the best acoustic albums that I've heard to date. Well o.k, o.k, I have heard albums which are the best of the best, but :green carnation has managed to create an album which I find very close to a well done masterpiece.


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For the fans of: In The Woods..., Katatonia

Release date 16.01.2006
Sublife Production
Provided by Target ApS

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