The Twilight Transmission

Dance of Destruction

Written by: KS on 15/01/2006 15:28:10

Every once in a while you receive assignments, which are really difficult to do, like this review of The Twilight Transmission?s debut album. The five members all have a background in the Orange County, CA punk and hardcore scene and their sound has been described as something in the vein of Quicksand and Helmet, though I can't really see where it comes into play.

There's no doubt that they know how to play their instruments, but their songs just don?t ever catch on, even after a lot of listens. The singer has the most annoying voice ever. I?m not usually the one to complain about vocal work but this is absolutely horrible. In the end I think they try a bit too much to go a little bit in every direction. So it?s a little pop, a little punk, a little hardcore and a little artistic rock, and this is what ruins it all. The only destruction done on "Dance Of Destruction" is the one of themselves. If they would only have chosen to go into one or maybe two directions it would have worked out so much better, now it seems like they can?t comprehend that they?re in way over their heads.


Download: Sleepers
For the fans of: Emanuel, Fairweather

Release date 20.10.2005
Revelation Records
Provided by Target ApS

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