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Resistance From Within

Written by: PP on 09/02/2009 01:26:28

You don't tend to hear much about Slovenian bands, which makes it all the more exciting to discover a full-fledged punk rock band in the country who sound a lot like their American counter-parts but with an unexpected twist to their sound. It's good to notice that some of the newer Eastern block countries are starting to produce bands capable of making a name internationally as well. Here I'm talking about Real Life Version and their 9-track debut album "Resistance From Within", the first album of 2009 given it's New Years Day release date.

At first, these guys seem to be your ordinary melodic punk rock band with a vocalist who has a gravelly voice probably from either drinking or smoking too much. The first riffs and hooks of "Act Of Bravery" certainly seem to suggest so, as does its Polar Bear Club-style chorus and the hyperactive bass-line that reminds me of some Rancid work in places. But then all of a sudden I'm taken by complete surprise when the guitars switch into metalcore/post-hardcore style up-and-down-scale riffs and a generally metallic sound. "Smiling Faces" does the exact opposite, starting out with a guitar-line that wouldn't feel out of place on a Knife Of Liberty record, before seamlessly transforming back to three-chord punk rock riffing and the 'punk rock drumbeat'. The next thing that caught me by surprise was "Otherwise Sunshine" which sounds so much like classic Bear Vs Shark that I could've sworn it was them, that is until the punk rock chorus of the song. The bass line here is particularly commendable, by the way.

What's even more unexpected is how the vocalist holds his smoky voice in punk territory throughout the record together with the bass, adding an intriguing (and surprisingly well-working) contrast of two entirely different worlds not often seen standing next to each other so closely. That alone makes "Resistance From Within" worth at least checking out, but then there's also the factor that these guys actually know how to write some pretty damn catchy songs. And when I say catchy, I don't mean radio-friendly pop punk anthems, I mean those growers that all of a sudden open up to you and take you to a level those radio pop songs never will, the same way as a band like Polar Bear Club does on their record. Okay, so Real Life Version might not be as good as those guys (yet at least), but this is a fine debut album, especially when considering the tiny tiny scene these guys are coming from. You're now on my radar, I'll be watching you closely, boys.


Download: Act Of Bravery, Short-Sighted, Otherwise Sunshine
For the fans of: Polar Bear Club, Bear Vs Shark, Hot Water Music, The Serious Geniuses
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Release date 01.01.2009
Evelyn Records

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