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OK, as far as I can gather this is the last 2008 review I'm writing. Coming up here is Canada's Revenge, a band that lives on the knife edge between extreme metal and outright aural war, thus having quite a cult following in the extreme underground. As Revenge consists of James Read (from such legendary war/black bands as Axis of Advance and Conqueror) and Pete Helmkamp (of Order From Chaos and especially Angelcorpse infame), "Infiltration.Downfall.Death" is a war/black metal ("Superion Attack Metal" as Revenge has named their branch of war metal) album sure to please the kvlt black metal hordes.

Well, if the names Helmkamp, Read, Conqueror or Order From Chaos don't ring any bells, imagine a little of the old school thrash/death of Celtic Frost or Sarcofágo mixed in with the crusty grindy pre-melodeath of Carcass (preferably "Reek of Putrefaction" as it's more raw than "Necrotism...") and add a healthy dose of early 90s Scandinavian black metal (any old Darkthrone with a thicker and heavier production will do nicely) and you're pretty much good to go. Yes, you almost can't hear Pete's bass. Yes, the drums are savage, blasting and grindlike. Yes the riffs are chaotic and frenzied. Yes, the dual vocal attacks are indecipherable, hideous and screaming. Yes, the production is thick and heavy and the sound is rumbling and chaotic. But that's the idea. This is militant grind/black, it's not meant to sound nice.

This seems to be very much a hate it or love it album/band/genre. I've seen several reviews of "Infiltration.Downfall.Death", and about half of them grade it with a 0 and a comment of 'no musical value' and about half grade it 90+/100 followed usually with a comment of 'fucking excellent' etc. Me personally, I kinda like it. I was always a sucker for Helmkamp's vokills, and when Revenge slows down a little every once in a while it creates a little groove, and at the same time sounds more evil/extreme than the full speed assault that is 90+% of the album.

While I wouldn't say 'no musical value', it isn't flashy instrument wankery that define this album. What does is the frenzy with which Read/Helmkamp assault you, the world, and anything not extreme metal. Ridiculous, maybe, convincingly executed, hell yes! Only for fans.


Download: By Force (The Only Option), Barbed Anti ( No Remorse), Survival (The Absolute Truth)
For the fans of: Conqueror, Order From Chaos
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Release date 25.02.2008

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