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World Of lies

Written by: PP on 05/01/2006 18:12:49

Extreme metal doesn't get much more tormenting than The Berzerker. "World Of Lies" is the Aussie group's third full length and is guaranteed to make you wanna hide below your bed the moment the first track "Committed To Nothing" tears your stereo equipment apart. It stays true to the band's extreme metal/grind metal roots, once again offering unbeliavably fast drumming full of double blast beats, ear-tearing guitar noise with odd melodies, and the ugliest growling you'll ever hear in your life.

On the first listen, each track blends together with its predecessor and you don't get anything out of it other than extreme annoyance and a sense of short-temperness. The ugliness of the vocals is an almost impossible task to get over, let alone like, and that's what stops The Berzerker from becoming anything else than the underground flagship of extreme metal. You'll find that people who listen to The Berzerker are a few and far in between, because usually people are scared away on the very first listen. Hell, it almost scared me away, but I'm glad I had the patience to give it a couple of more listens.

The flesh ripping sonic torment of the vocals is often broken by speech-like spoken out samples, providing grounds of comparison of how dreadful they actually are. But behind the ugliness lay the groundworks for something utterly interesting: song structures a thousand times more complex than the first listen allows you to realize, depth, aggression and talent not many bands possess these days - it is these elements that make me want to force myself to go through the album time after time, something comparable of being tortured to death, resurrected and the cycle repeated time after time after time. Not for the calm ones.


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Release date 13.12.2005
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