Underneath The Gun

Forfeit Misfortune

Written by: PP on 23/01/2009 16:01:24

Underneath The Gun is the latest act to hop on the deathcore bandwagon, utilizing every element from the recent fusion between technical death metal and metalcore on their debut album "Forfeit Misfortune". Yeah you guessed right, both impressive scales and br00tal breakdowns are the name of the game, but if you're down with bands like Job For A Cowboy and wouldn't mind it if it were a tad bit more melodic, Underneath The Gun is the next band in line to be checked out, for sure.

The entire record is intense as hell, to put it informally. The instrumentation is not just technical but also fucking tight, creating a compressed soundscape, rich in detail and interest-arousing passages. Take "Reflection Of The Commonwealth" as a good example of how to do deathcore right: the lead riff is an intense metalcore oriented complex riff that demands for intense headbanging, but the song doesn't fall short for brutal Job For A Cowboy inspired growling and crushing breakdowns either. Perhaps Underneath The Gun aren't quite as devastating as Job For A Cowboy, but this is ultimately because they have a much more melody and a better ability to write mind-grabbing hooks.

Though this doesn't necessarily mean they are better, because really, anyone into the metalcore/deathcore music scene will have heard what these guys are doing on a number of other records: Crowpath, Elysia, Suicide Silence, Whitechapel, Rose Funeral, Darkest Hour, etc, etc. At the same time, "Forfeit Misfortune" is an entirely decent and very promising debut album from a young band. Worth checking out for anyone into deathcore.


Download: Reflection Of The Commonwealth, A Sharp Definition Of Dull
For the fans of: Job For A Cowboy, Darkest Hour, Whitechapel
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Release date 20.01.2009
Ferret Records

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