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Written by: PP on 29/12/2005 01:11:28

Randy's fourth album "Randy The Band" continues on the same cheerful power chorded punk rock path as its three predecessors. The powerpop style vocal harmonies are present in every song, and the obvious Rancid connection can be drawn straight from the first song "Punk Rock High" with those laid-back, careless and semi-soared vocals we're used to hearing from Rancid.

For some odd reason, much of the mainstream press with knowledge to such low-profile bands as Randy have included "Randy The Band" on their top10 list of releases for 2005, but I can't see what the hype is all about. The melodies sound too much alike, there isn't enough variation in the song structures, and Stefan's vocal harmonies are oftentimes too predictable to give that 'ohh' effect you're looking for, when you listen to punk rock that relies almost solely on vocal harmonie, which leads into my biggest problem with this album. It seems like talent is wasted away, because the additional guitar mini solos prove that Stefan and Johan actually know their instruments, but their abilities aren't used to the full extent. The obvious analogy can be made to NOFX, who takes full use of El Hefe's incredible talent of creating those captivating mini solos, that make the songs just that little bit more interesting to a picky listener.

Despite my disliking of the "dumbness" of this record, I'm not gonna put it down as a worthless one. The occasional highlights such as "Punk Rock High" and "Better Than Art" are melodic powerpunk at it's best, and are ideal for any parties with ecstatic atmosphere. But for Randy to climb up in rating here, they need to put some more thought into their songs.


Download: Punk Rock High, Better Than Art
For the fans of: Rancid, Bad Religion

Release date 10.1.2006
Burning Heart

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