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Written by: TL on 16/01/2009 12:33:16

Bittersky is the name of a band we discovered online and decided to review pretty much strictly because of the name of their debut EP called "Album Of The Year". After careful listening I feel that it's rather safe to say; Great joke guys, ha ha, very funny. The reason I'm laughing is that this doze of pop punk/emo reeks of inexperience for every second of its duration. First off, it's probably the most horrible low-fi home recording I've heard to date, as it sounds like something I could've recorded through my laptop microphone. Second, the vocals, that have seemingly undergone some attempt at touching up digitally, sound like something you'd expect to hear during a drunken round of Rock Band with your mates. Third, all of this might have been saved if the guys (and girl) in this band had the faintest clue about what's good songwriting or good taste. Seeing how they've decided to include pretty much the most pathetic spoken word/rap section of all time on the first real track "Parades", that notion however, is right out the window, right off the bat. You almost have to hear it to believe it. In any case, the rapping might be out for the remainder of the tracks, but that doesn't change that they're still just as instantly forgettable.

Again, I'm at a loss of words. This is just emo (or pop punk, depending on how you look at it) at below grass root level, and I don't see how anyone outside of Bittersky's circle of friends and family are supposed to want to listen to this. Every day new bands pop out and demonstrate that making a decent home recording is possible, so it's just beyond me why Bittersky would ever even consider recording and releasing anything, when they clearly have yet to learn how to properly write, mix and produce music. Even though there's a clear vibe of these guys loving to make music, everything on this EP is in such a poor state that even that doesn't provide any amount of redemption. Sorry guys but this is just flat out shitty honestly, and you better get better before putting out anything new.


Download: Familiarity, Album Of The Year
For The Fans Of: Discovering emo bands, not just before they're famous but before they're even good.

Release Date 11.07.2008

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