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Written by: MR on 03/01/2009 15:48:58

Wow wow wow I want to declare I'm in love with Bloc Party! On their third album "Intimacy", they've done it again. It's freaking refreshing to see a band like them to just push the limits of their sound yet still accomplish to sound like themselves. About a month or so ago I've kind of bashed the Kaiser Chiefs for not going anywhere with their sound; If I was to write a book on how to evolve yourself as an artist to still have some kind of relevance to the fast changing music industry, Bloc Party would make a perfect example.

I find the structures, the melody lines and the overwhelming amount of detail absolutely delightful. When you have in mind that Bloc Party was never one of the bands lacking detail and to use mood in their music, you just have to clap your hands and acknowledge the huge talent this band possesses. Just to take an example of the overly use of digital hand clapping. These terrible effects are raped to oblivion in the hip hop and R'n'B universe, but Bloc Party have turned it into something very interesting on the third song "Biko". Having a somewhat busy and rhythmical dependency to the chords being played it really makes you sharpen your ears in delight. I could write various examples on where the band use the digital effects in an unconventional and original way, but my point is that this band always has a purpose when they use them. Some may argue that all this studio work and polishing is polluting rock music, and if you already have a problem with Bloc Party, this album will make you hate them even more, just because they are proving you wrong even more than before. Take a listen to "Your Visits Are Getting Shorter" or "Flux" and you can't deny that it makes you nod your head or stomp your feet (or whatever else you lads do when listening to a really cool track).

Before I finish my appraisal of the great band I pinpoint that I still consider Bloc Party as a rock band although the electronica dimension is getting a whole lot of attention on "Intimacy". This is bold rock music and for many marketed rock bands in Europe this just might be the way to add a new expression to the very "worn out" rock genealogy. Truth is that many rock bands with the heart at the right place will get nothing for their effort when following the classical marketed rock formula (Just ask Rock Hard Power Spray). Bloc Party search for the unexplored, and that's why "Intimacy" is one of the most influential albums of the past year.


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For the fans of: Veto, The Futureheads, Maximo Park
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Release date 27.10.2008
Atlantic Records

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