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Beauty Dies EP

Written by: TL on 29/12/2008 00:55:37

The Raveonettes is a name that has been a household rock-name on the shores of Denmark for quite some time now, and while everyone in the media and in the indie-rock underground have been busy hyping them more and more, we must admit that noone here at Rockfreaks really ever cared much for the band. Given that I suddenly find myself with time to spare though, that's going to change however, as I bring you the review of the recently released "Beauty Dies EP".

Now if you're a foreigner or just for other reasons unfamiliar with The Raveonettes, let me just introduce them. They're a duo consisting of Sune Rose Wagner, on multiple instruments and vocals, and Sharin Foo, on guitar and also vocals. They play a very conceptual and minimalistic brand of indie-rock that's characterized by raw garage-ish guitar riffs and dusty melancholic moods. If you've ever heard The Kills, you know who to compare them to, otherwise, just imagine The White Stripes with Jack and Megan sharing vocals equally and you're still close.

Now as I might have hinted, I'm not exactly an expert on The Raveonettes' career, but given my Danish residence it has been impossible for me to avoid gaining at least a sporadic knowledge of the band, so I'm going to dare the proposition that the band's sound hasn't changed much on "Beauty Dies EP" and then fan(atic)s will have to come after me in the comments if I'm wrong. Dark and dusty guitar-driven songs with fully apathetic vocalwork is the order of the day, highlighted by some 60s inspired soloing.

The problem with the EP, as it has always been with The Raveonettes if you ask me, is that they follow the widest stream of indie bands in becoming much too confined in their own sound. As such The Raveonettes are getting better and better at sounding like The Raveonettes, which would be commendable if it weren't for the fact that all the songs I've heard by them are totally predictable while not very strong individually. Their music is of the kind you can put on, relying on it to set a certain mood and then just chill out to its sound, but I dare say that few of their songs are ever going to upset anything in your mind, and if any of them do, they're not one of the four on this EP. So yeah, I guess we here at Rockfreaks still aren't quite onboard with The Raveonettes. Maybe next time.

Download: Black/White, Here Comes The End
For The Fans Of: The Kills, The White Stripes

Release Date 01.12.2008
Vice/Fierce Panda/A:Larm Records

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