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Written by: PP on 10/12/2005 21:36:35

Naio Ssaion is an atmospheric metal sextet rising from Slovenia. The band has been doing some serious damage on the Slovenian national charts with chart topping songs and awards for the best composition of the year. It's very rare to see any international breakthroughs from the Eastern European countries, but Naio Ssaion are strongly looking to be the next Within Temptation in central Europe, where atmospheric/operatic metal is much appreciated.

It's easy to draw the link between their sophomore album "Out Loud" and bands such as Lacuna Coil or Apocalyptica. Songs like "The Mirror" are straight from the ABC of how to create gothic metal. The soft, delicate female vocals, that gradually grow louder and louder until the catchy chorus and the distorted guitars hit in. The drumwork is typical to the genre as well, the drums are pounded loudly and they echo around as if they were played in a gigantic industrial hall.

All of the above are the first thoughts of listening to "Out Loud". However, Naio Ssaion also consists of a violinist, who adds that extra little bit of dimension and depth into the music, and essentially separates them from the gothic movement completely. The violin works exceptionally well especially in the instrumental song "Bow Link In E Minor", where it is almost dominant over the heavily distorted guitars by exploring all four octaves, going up and down much in the same way as guitarists going down the strings in scales.

Another feature that distinguishes Naio Ssaion from their genre mates is their cultural background. Their debut full length album was sung entirely in Slovenian, and the Eastern-European cultural influence can be heard on songs like "Shut Up" and "Blah-Blah", which include more traditional elements and allow the violin to lead their sound accompanied by an acoustic guitar. This is where the band truly excels, whereas most of the catchier songs seem to follow a rather similar, over-used structure, where a violin/distorted guitar combo introduces the song, before fading away to make space for the delicate voice of Barbara, ultimately reaching into full volume during the ridiculously catchy, yet textural chorus. Once again, we are listening to music that belongs to huge arenas, and I can in no way imagine Naio Ssaion playing Lille Vega, for instance. However, the occasional violin solos add that extra bit of depth into their songs to make them sound fresh and interesting in comparison to the million Nightwish/Evanescence hybrids dwelling around the Central European music charts at the moment. By the end of the album, it is easy to understand why they've received numerous nominations and awards in Slovenia and Austria.


Download: The Mirror, Bow Link In E Minor
For the fans of: Apocalyptica, Within Temptation

Release date 28.11.2005
Napalm Records
Provided by Target ApS

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